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How Startups win through Industry Analysts

The #1 in Analyst Relations Management for Startups

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The 360° research on how Startups are working with Industry Analysts today


Data-based insights on startup and analyst motivations, value, priorities, when to engage, how to organise, investment, future plans, and lots of practitioner advice.



Qualify Analyst relevance for your segment and priorities

Take the entry hurdle


Get Analyst Relations guidance and hands-on help for your team

Take control of the game


Get a leading specialist as venture partner

Accelerate & de-risk growth


Hi, I am Chris Holscher

Analyst Relations Specialist for
Startups & Scaleups

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Effectiveness by experience

20+ years in b2b tech innovation.

Worked with tech mega players, hidden champions, scaleups & startups.

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Access by reputation

Initiator of the SSIA research.

IIAR & Analyst Observatory member.

Co-Author of "Analysts on Analyst Relations"

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Momentum by results

Faster Product-Market Fit.

Sharpened Go-to-Market.

Amplified Fair Market Value.

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Edge by focus

100% specialised on startups & scaleups.

Phased approach aligned to your stage & speed.


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