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Growth  support like you've never had before _

  • We bring out the best in you from strategy to differentiation and get you on the most influential Industry Analysts' radars.

  • We bring insights into your best people's projects and programs that can accelerate you beyond your rivals.

  • You work directly with our specialists. Expect hard truths and substantialsupport to leap forward.

Emerging vendors only

We're pirates. Trained at top-tier global tech firms but loving real innovators. We specialise in working with emerging vendors - only.  All our thinking is focused on Startup success.

Strategic & OKR-driven

You have neither time nor capacity to waste. Our systematic approach ties in with the priorities of your product development, marketing, sales and investor work.

Data-driven expertise

Practitioner experience meets hard data. We initiated the "State of Startups with Industry Analysts" (SSIA) research. Today, our insights are guiding Startups, VCs and even Industry Analysts around the world.

Fast forward

Choose the support that makes a difference now. Fix your AR strategy, get on the right radars or get a startup AR co-pilot. Flex the intensity from minimal viable, to selective, to strategic -  aligned to your priorities.

Specialist tools

We invest in industry-leading specialist systems so you don’t have to. And since Startups have unique requirements, we developed proprietary tools that make you truly stand out.


15+ years with B2B Tech Startups and Industry Analysts have established trust. Our outstanding reputation gives analysts the confidence they need to prioritise you.


OVHcloud Fast Forward Accelerator

OVHcloud is a leading European Cloud Hyperscaler.

The OVHcloud Startup Program has assisted more than 3,700 startups globally since 2015. Members get cloud hosting credits of up to €100,000 and free technical consultation to support growth.

The OVHcloud Fast Forward Accelerator provides mentoring and access to showcase events with OVHcloud’s extensive industry ecosystem, venture capital firms, and outstanding growth enablers.

On your team _

  • 20+ years in B2B tech innovation management, product marketing and business development with tech giants, scaleups and startups

  • ​Initiator of the "State of Startups with Industry Analysts" (SSIA) research programme with the University of Edinburgh Business School

  • Co-Author of "Analysts on Analyst Relations" - the startup chapter

  • ​Former chapter lead with the IIAR and a member of the ​Analyst Observatory

Let's meet _

In sunny Hamburg

Ballindamm 39

20095 Hamburg


Or throughout the Nordics

Aarhus, Bergen, Berlin, Bremen, Copenhagen, Dublin, Edinburgh, Espoo, Gothenburg, Helsinki, Kaunas, Kiel, London, Lund, Malmö, Odense, Oslo, Reykjavik, Riga, Stockholm, Tallinn, Tampere, Trondheim, Uppsala, Vilnius

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