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Legendary VC Andreessen Horowitz discusses "What Startups should know about Analyst Relations"

Moderator: Sonal Chokshi

Guests: Stacy D'Amico, Michael King, Aneel Lakhani, Sharon Chang

In the age of the internet - where information is freely available online, and connections between sellers and buyers of software products are visible on LinkedIn - do analysts really matter? Do they play a role in decision-making for purchases from smaller vendors like tech startups, especially given the rise of the developer as a buyer? Or what if you're trying to create a new category ... do you need to be on a Gartner Magic Quadrant or Forrester Wave or similar? We answer these questions and more in this episode of the a16z Podcast, featuring former analysts, client managers, and/or product marketing veterans Stacy D'Amico (who joined a16z after a decade at Gartner), Michael King (director of enterprise product marketing at GitHub), and Aneel Lakhani, in conversation with Sharon Chang of the a16z market development team.

The conversation covers everything startups should know about analyst relations, from why and how and when to engage with analysts to whether to consider pay-for-play (no!) or more boutique/niche analyst firms. Most importantly: given their limited resources but big market visions, how can startups get the most out of analyst relations?

What Startups should know about Analyst Relations - a16z Podcast


Some key findings from Kea's research:

  • ca. 15% of Cool Vendors got acquired and 1/3 of these within 12 months after the Cool Vendor award.

  • ca. 65% said their AR program had noticeable impact on commercial success and half of them named Sales as the top beneficiary.

  • ca. 75% felt the Cool Vendor recognition resulted directly from their Analyst Relations program.

IAR-Consultancy firm Kea Company published findings about > 1.250 Startups / Scaleups that were recognised as "Cool Vendors" by Gartner 2009-2013

Author: Derk Erbé

BILD - Kea Company Research (Cool Vendor

15% get acquired



& kickin'

BILD - Kea Company (Noticeable impact).p

65% IAR

impact on commercial success

BILD - Kea Company (Analyst Relations im

75% IAR

impact on Cool Vendor recognition


The Gartner Observatory - a research project at the University of Edinburgh - found that companies that achieved a Gartner Cool Vendor nomination were much more likely to survive the first 5 years.

79.4 %

< 50 %


Bureau of Labor Statistics Report, US

Office for National Statistics, UK


The Gartner Observatory

A research project at the University of Edinburgh

Survival rates of all companies after first 5 years

(US & UK combined)

Survival rate of Cool Vendors after first 5 years