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The State of Startups

with Industry Analysts Research

continues in 2024!

Data-driven Insights for Startups, VCs, Industry Analysts

A research programme with the University of Edinburgh Business School

Understanding the playing field in 3D


100s of Startups have contributed.

B2B tech/services.

1-10 years in business.


VCs / Investors, accelerators and advisors representing thousands of startups in b2b tech, globally


Data and direct insights from >200 analysts from IDC, Forrester, Gartner and many many others.

2022 established the basics

  1. Four in five analysts speak with startups to identify innovators to recommend to clients.

  2. One in five startups get brand amplification via analyst mentions 4 years sooner than average.

  3. Seven in ten startup briefings can be massively improved - e.g. through less marketing speak.

2024 digs deeper

  1. The impact of analyst input on startup-specific use cases.

  2. Alignment of analyst relations to startups' investment stages.

  3. One wish that startups, investors and analysts would have for each other.

SSIA 2022 Results

Full webinar 56 min, best at 1.5x speed ;-)

  • Base understanding of AR for startups

  • Data, graphics, findings 

  • What it means

  • Practitioner recommendations

  • Calls to action​​

The SSIA Research Program _

The State of Startups with Industry Analysts research program was initiated by Chris Holscher and is conducted together with Robin Schaffer and Prof. Neil Pollock of the Analyst Observatory. It is part of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation research at the University of Edinburgh Business School.

The SSIA research is designed to produce a patchwork of data-based insights about the interplay of startups, their ecosystem and industry analysts. The initial SSIA 2022 research established a baseline understanding of many fundamental questions.

The SSIA 2024 and following iterations will deliver more puzzle pieces to complete the picture. SSIA 2024  focuses on use cases. For SSIA 2026 we consider a focus on geographic differences.


The methodology combines the following instruments:​

  • A bi-annual report based on three surveys tailored to startups, their ecosystem and industry analysts;

  • Deep-dive research on questions of particular interest through the Circlelytics methodology

  • Interviews with practitioners representing all three groups

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