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B2B Growth hacking - the smart way

Using Industry Analyst's insights and influence for Startups & Scaleups

In situations like these

You want to start AR early with a smart budget.

Your investor demands an AR programme or your partner expects the same.


Your competitor suddenly appeared on an industry analyst publication.


An industry analysts has requested a briefing or research participation.

We help you take smart action

  • We give you orientation for a bite-sized approach that's lean and effective.

  • We help you demonstrate AR savviness and go ahead in a systematic approach.

  • We qualify the relevance and impact for you and derive productive actions.

  • We qualify the request and help you respond professionally.

  • You can even safely test your analyst briefing with us and benefit from deep experience and latest SSIA insights.

First Aid

Yes you can


get to product-market-fit faster, gain qualified visibility earlier and win confidence where it matters.

Top VCs recommend to start working with industry analysts early and strategically. And the SSIA data proves it.


Here's your lean and effective solution.

From strategy to execution

  • We analyse your field of play and your positioning for analyst relevance.

  • You get a structured approach to Startup AR supporting your priority.

  • Choose between Minimal Viable AR, Selective AR and Strategic AR depending on where you are in your journey.

  • No-nonsense implementation.

  • OKR-based governance.

  • Continuous strategic and tactical guidance.

  • Expertise and hands-on help for every step.

AR Hero

You love your AR role


and you're running an effective AR programme already - but you want more!

Get fresh perspectives beyond the books. Learn and apply smart approaches that make you a champion.

Be brilliant

  • Make AR measurement your highlight.

  • Rock your next Gartner MQ, Forrester Wave, IDC Marketscape or other ranking report.

  • Create an AR pull effect throughout your organisation.

  • Make your board of directors and investors your biggest fans.

  • Handle category creation like nobody else.



do you best support your portfolio of b2b tech startups with professional AR guidance and hands-on help?​

With a startup AR specialist who's chosen to zero in on precisely that.


  • Regular information of your portfolio companies about industry analyst relations for startups.

  • Continuous pre-qualification of candidates that are most relevant for introduction to industry analysts.


Variable support

  • AR support that's directly aligned with or implemented into your programme.

  • Guidance, consulting or managed service.

  • No-nonsense, efficient and effective.


What others are saying about

Pami Vadher_edited.jpg

 Pami Vadher 

 Ericson Group 

A super passionate & brilliant Startup AR professional!​


Pami Vadher

Head of Global Industry
Analyst Relations

David Hopp_edited.jpg

 David Hopp 

We have been blown away

by Chris’ expertise,

generating excitement in our Leadership and Board of Directors

David Hopp

Head of Analyst Relations

Mark Gardner_edited.jpg

 Mark Gardner 

 Sunderland Software City 

Real insights

for startup analyst relations that make a difference.

Mark Gardner

Startup & Growth Manager

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