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Win the Race to PMF

We love innovation. The boldness to challenge a market. Those who succeed manage to connect vision & demand earlier than their rivals. #ProductMarketFit is not magic but hard work + a pinch of smarts:

PMF is a race because smart people are everywhere.

Ideally, you want...

  • reliable data and insight

  • from outside your echo chamber

  • about buyer needs, concerns, priorities

  • in quantities beyond your reach

  • and in real-time.

We’ve built a programme that gets you exactly this.

  • connects you to the best-informed industry analysts in your segment

  • applies aggregated insight from thousands of buyer inquiries

  • typically takes 3-4 months

  • is tailored to your startup’s maturity

  • takes stress off your key people

  • doesn’t break the bank

  • and gets you PMF clarity fast

Bonus: You get on the radars of highly influential buy-side advisors.

We’ve already guided hundreds of interactions between b2b tech startups and leading industry analysts.

I'm happy to share data and methodology, startup examples and practitioner guidance.

Comment „PMF accelerator“ and...

  • be in the draw for 1 of 3 free 30-minute calls every week

  • ask me anything about AR Management for Startups


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