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Attract better investment

Forbes says the # 2 challenge of startups is creating the financial runway and thrust for the business to take off. - But - All investment is not equal...

Term sheets reflect VCs’ opportunity/risk evaluations.

You attract the best VCs as they inquire with Industry Analysts about emerging tech trends. Guess what happens when the analyst's comment is:

„I had great briefings with startups like A, B, and C. They address what x% of our buyer inquiries are about. If they can deliver on their vision, buyers like XYZ will line up.“

You get a lot more attention from exactly those investors that don't play a throughput game but are actually interested in quality. Investors like Sierra, Sapphire, a16z, Crane recommend that startups engage with industry analysts early and strategically.

No matter where you are in your maturity cycle, you can crack VCs’ evaluations…

  • once you stand out as example vendor in analyst publications

  • where your Early Majority buyers actively inquire

  • about new technologies and approaches.

It changes everything.

Watch a related 3 minute explanatory video here from my recent webinar.

We’ve built a programme that helps startups get exactly there.

  • Identifies the most influential industry analysts in your segment

  • Runs introductory briefings that resonate

  • Demonstrates your AR savviness as a key management quality

  • Typically takes 3-4 months

  • Tailored to your startup’s maturity

  • No analyst subscription is required

We’ve guided hundreds of interactions between b2b tech startups and leading industry analysts already. I'm happy to share data and methodology, startup examples and practitioner guidance.

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