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A research project run by the University of Edinburgh Business School

The first data-driven analysis of how b2b tech Startups are working with Industry Analysts.
The Results from 500 participants are in!  


data driven insights

Basic Understanding

  • Industry Analysts impact on B2B Tech

  • IAs impact on Tech Startups

  • How do IAs work

  • Debunking misconceptions

  • Startups motivations to speak w/ IAs

  • IAs motivations to speak w/ Startups

  • The best hidden secret

  • etc.

Value for Startups

  • Tactical or strategic value?

  • PMF, brand awareness, leads?

  • Value along the maturity curve?

  • What drives first engagement?

  • When can startups get access?

  • How can you pull value forward?

  • Closing the gap

  • etc.

Actionable​ Advice

  • Key findings & what it means

  • Expert interpretation & advice

  • What to avoid & what to focus on

  • Instruments & mindset

  • Organisation & investment

  • Calls to action for Startups, VCs & Accelerators and for Analyst Houses

  • etc.



We know that industry analysts are consistently ranked as top influencers of b2b tech strategies and buying decisions. We also know how intensely tech vendors are therefore working with industry analysts. It is a proven success factor in B2B Technology markets.

But are startups aware of this part of the playing field at all? How do they use industry analysts in their fight for market breakthrough? What are the hurdles and success patterns?


The Analyst Observatory at the University of Edinburgh Business School has conducted the first-of-its-kind in-depth analysis of the matter based on my initiative and guidance.

SSIA adds hard data to decades of experience

Based on ca. 500 contributors  &  2.500+ represented startups

Startups + VCs and Accelerators + Industry Analysts.


We knew we were on a hot topic because we’ve seen the effects for more than a decade.  Now the data proves our experience. 

Interested Startups / VCs / Accelerators / Analyst Houses pleas send us an e-mail to get a notification when and how the results will be shared beyond the participants.



Working with innovative vendors is exciting
and it supports my end-user clients
for me to be current on new vendors.

Steve Hunt, Aite Novarica Group

meet our partners

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Founded in 2004 and backed by Polaris Growth Fund, ARInsights are the masterminds behind ARchitect. ARchitect empowers Analyst Relations professionals to optimize knowledge sharing with industry analysts and manage their workflow from a single, integrated platform.

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Analyst Observatory

The Analyst Observatory supports and promotes comprehensive and rigorous analysis of how technology startups gain competitive advantage from analyst endorsements.

The Observatory is part of the ESRC-funded Second Pitch Research Project at the University of Edinburgh Business School. It is independent of analysts.

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Spotlight AR

Spotlight AR live and breathe the term "Insights-driven Analyst Relations"
both, in serving clients from Fortune
500 to startups, and as underlying principle to their Spotlight Oz platform.

Spotlight Oz SaaS visualises analyst perceptions and provides a central overview of team activity and collective memory for consistent AR collaboration.