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A research project run by the University of Edinburgh Business School

The first comprehensive data-driven analysis of how b2b tech Startups & Scaleups are working with Industry Analysts

in Europe and North America. Now extended to GLOBAL reach!  


data driven insights

Startups / Scaleups

  • When do your peers begin to work with Industry Analysts?

  • How intensely do they us IAR?

  • What do they gain?

  • Which instruments are used?

  • How do others organise IAR?

  • What are success patterns?

  • etc.

VCs / Accelerators

  • When should startups begin to engage with industry analysts?

  • What should they avoid?

  • What should they focus on?

  • How can you best support them?

  • How do your views compare to practices abroad?

  • etc.

Industry Analysts

  • What do startups and VCs really think of analysts?

  • Put data to anecdotes: What do analysts need, when and how?

  • What can startups gain?

  • What kills your ability to help?

  • Which practices are effective?

  • etc.



We know that industry analysts are consistently ranked as top influencers of b2b tech strategies and buying decisions. We also know how intensely tech vendors are therefore working with industry analysts. Nurturing productive relationships with leading analysts has proven to be a key success factor.

But are start-ups and scale-ups aware of this part of the playing field at all? How do they use industry analysts in their fight for market breakthrough? What are regional differences between North America, Europe and AsiaPac? Challenges and success patterns? The Analyst Observatory at the University of Edinburgh Business School wants to find out and Holscher.one is supporting this exciting project.

We want to add data to observational knowledge

And to do this, we need you.

whether you're experienced with analysts - or not.

The SSIA survey is a first-of-its-kind 360° research, gathering views from the perspectives of startups and scaleups as well as investors, the support ecosystem - and from analysts, too.

We know we’re on a hot topic because we’ve seen the effects for more than a decade already. Both, in the US and in Europe.


It's time to underpin observations with data. The SSIA report will help all participants make better informed decisions.

Here's how you become part of it:

  1. Take the survey as a startup/scaleup  or  VC/accelerator

  2. Promote the project on social media #SSIAsurvey

  3. Invite your peers, your VCs, your accelerator!


It takes only 10 minutes, and the findings will provide you with orientation in your peer group, expectations from analysts and data-based actionable insights. All free.


Contributors get the report + admission to the SSIA webinar.


Promoters are in the draw for free & private ask-us-anything sessions with Robin Schaffer or myself as AR professionals who support the SSIA project in North America and in Europe.



Working with innovative vendors is exciting
and it supports my end-user clients
for me to be current on new vendors.

Steve Hunt, Aite Novarica Group

meet our partners

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Founded in 2004 and backed by Polaris Growth Fund, ARInsights are the masterminds behind ARchitect. ARchitect empowers Analyst Relations professionals to optimize knowledge sharing with industry analysts and manage their workflow from a single, integrated platform.

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Analyst Observatory

The Analyst Observatory supports and promotes comprehensive and rigorous analysis of how technology startups gain competitive advantage from analyst endorsements.

The Observatory is part of the ESRC-funded Second Pitch Research Project at the University of Edinburgh Business School. It is independent of analysts.

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Spotlight AR

Spotlight AR live and breathe the term "Insights-driven Analyst Relations"
both, in serving clients from Fortune
500 to startups, and as underlying principle to their Spotlight Oz platform.

Spotlight Oz SaaS visualises analyst perceptions and provides a central overview of team activity and collective memory for consistent AR collaboration.


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