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When a chicken scared the hell out of me!

I was leading an analyst briefing in support of a critical ranking report. We had prepared and rehearsed for weeks, the live demo was tailored to perfection, a top reference customer was lined up, and everything was super organized.

The briefing started, quick intros, agenda… then off we went. Except — my main spokesperson was immediately interrupted by his favourite pet: A chicken(!) stepped into the camera field and chose to sit right in front of the speaker, curiously observing the presentation. Now, that was a rather unusual sight in a Webex window. In hindsight, I would have loved a screenshot of my face from that moment. I am not easy to confuse — but that was a different level.

Luckily my spokesperson was zero-distracted… and I must say, this chicken was the best-behaved one I ever had on an analyst briefing. No picking on things, no eggs laid during the session. If anything, it made the briefing very memorable, and it removed all tension (except on my end at first).

So, would I recommend that you bring your support animal to the most important briefing of the year?

Well, sure thing… but please do prepare your AR lead for it.


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