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SMB - is not what you think

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

SMB used to stand for Small to Medium Businesses. Many adore their culture, innovativeness, agility and speed. But some SMBs are more successful than others.

Which is not necessarily because they are small.

Small is not sufficient.

It is because they are smarter.

Read "smart" as: to observe, recognise, explore, adapt, and apply.

It is also because they are modern.

Read "modern" as: to embrace the better over the established good.

New SMB = Smart and Modern Business.

Smart and modern are what shapes these organisations’ culture and increases their innovativeness, their agility and speed.

- It’s an always-on eagerness to advance your game.

- It’s removing friction anywhere you spot it.

- It’s swapping the lever for the catalyst.

One result is:

The new SMBs are far more attractive to work with.

As a client, as a partner, as an employee.

The not-smart, the not-modern are left behind.

Startups and scaleups should use their opportunity to develop and nurture these qualities better than others.

One way of being smart is to know and to use the full playing field of insights and influence.

One best practice of modern organisations is marginal gains all the time.

There are examples, there is data, there are proven techniques.

If you think that's worth a virtual coffee break, here's your opportunity.


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