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No report? Best reason to start IAR - Shawn Rogers of BARC

"If there's not (yet) a specific report covering your space - that's exactly why to talk to industry analysts (...) You want them on your side and raise the hurdles for everybody else!"

Shawn Rogers, Industry Analyst at BARC talks with Robin Schaffer and me about how analysts look at #startups, their fascinating role in the market, and how it helps the journey to market breakthrough.

Listen in for some great inside views on

  • analysts' ways of thinking

  • how innovators overcome typical challenges

  • recommended ways to get started with IAs w/o trying to boil the ocean!

An intense 30 min interview plus 20 min of analyst relations thinking with Robin and Chris right afterwards.

BARC "Business Applications Research Center" was founded as an independent research firm by Carsten Bange out of Julius Maximilians University of Würzburg, Germany, in 2001. BARC established a reputation as a European analyst firm, specialising in data- and analytics-driven business.

The SSIA interview series complements the "State of Startups with Industry Analysts" research programme that Robin and I started in 2022 with the University of Edinburgh Business School.

Watch the first SSIA results webinar here

Thanks Shawn for being such an insightful guest on our show!


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