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Natural Allies - How Startups break into competitive B2B tech markets - or create new ones

How do some #startups succeed so much faster than others in #b2bTech? What are they getting right? In this webinar, Robin Schaffer and I explain Industry Analyst Relations Management for Startups like you've never seen it before:

  • We reveal key perspectives for Startups 

  • Share successful strategies

  • Give you actionable advice

All is of course backed with data from the SSIA research and with real-life Startup examples.

The webinar is limited to 60 attendees to ensure a useful Q&A at the end. At this point (Fri. 23) we have 17 seats still available. Participants can receive additional material from us.

Sign-ups have come from a variety of b2b segments. We also have analyst firms, including #IDC, #Forrester, #Gartner, #NucleusResearch, and representatives from VCs and Accelerator programmes, too.

Secure your seat here:


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