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Influence & Impact

Know your tools! Discussing AR by PR outcomes is as useless as vice versa. Smart innovators combine the tools!

  • PR is unidirectional. Its broadcast grows leads for you.

  • AR is bidirectional. The exchange between your SMEs and Industry Analysts accelerates your business.

If you measure AR only by clicks and leads you'll miss 90% of the value and misguide AR management decisions. If you measure PR by business improvement factors, you'll - well, that's ridiculous.

But together, PR & AR can be a dream team

Here's how. Analysts constantly get expert briefings and answer inquiries from your buyers, vendors and investors: 700-2.000 per analyst, per year! 

Smart innovators make bolder decisions faster than their rivals by bringing this real-time in-depth insight directly into their priority work streams:

  1. To qualify trending topics earlier/deeper

  2. To understand buyer priorities better

  3. To validate competitive differentiation

  4. To sharpen your strategy

  5. To de-risk your roadmaps

  6. To tune messaging to ICP language

  7. To generate leads through research downloads

  8. To elevate clients to strategic value

  9. To stand out to Early Majority buyers

  10. To de-risk investor calculations

#AR generates precision impact throughout the business.

Measure it in whichever way your SMEs used the insights. (Yes, that demands management know-how, but no one claimed „easy“.)

#PR means broad influence. You already know how to deliver and measure that. Now, amplify the value by building on AR outcomes. Here are examples:

  1. Build on content that matters - because it's qualified

  2. Build on validated differentiation - because it's sharper

  3. Build on ICP language and priorities - because echo chamber jargon doesn't work

  4. Leverage analyst engagement per se - because it elevates conversations

  5. Leverage analyst research/events - because they are magnetic


You see, it’s a team sport. Know your tools, know how to use them and know how to measure the outcomes in meaningful ways. Specialists are a good idea in both, AR and PR. Don’t confuse them.

After all, you wouldn’t water your garden with a toy water pistol. Or play police and thieves at the beach, armed with a watering can... Summer’s coming!


Analysts who are confident in your offering will point buyers’ SMEs and decision-makers directly to it when inquiries match your strengths. That’s then very, very precise impact.


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