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In Stealth Mode - Martin Kuppinger of KuppingerCole Analysts

In stealth mode! Martin Kuppinger, founder of KuppingerCole explains why startups are so relevant to the analyst firm's area of expertise: Identity Management & Security.

KuppingerCole Analysts AG was one of more than 100 analyst firms that contributed to our 2022 State of Startups with Industry Analysts Research with the University of Edinburgh Business School.

We discuss how KuppingerCole appreciates emerging vendors' specific needs and limitations while maximising the practical benefits that experienced analysts can contribute even (and especially) at the earliest points in a startup's journey:

You'll find startups featured on KuppingerCole's European Identity Conference (register for the 2023 Berlin event in May!), its Leadership Compass market overviews, CybeRevolution symposium, Executive View publications and their Frontier Talk podcast, etc.

Watch this interview and Robin Schaffer's and my discussion afterwards to get an authentic view into the mindset of an outstanding personality in the industry analyst community.

Thanks, Martin Kuppinger for being a guest on our show.

Enjoy, comment, like and subscribe!


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