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Good things ahead

We've had so much great feedback on the SSIA research that we decided to escalate this!

Yes, the SSIA research will continue. And we'll amend it with areas of special interest as per all your great feedback. - But that's not what I mean...

We're doing more!

Robin and I are recording a SSIA interview series.

We're speaking with founders and managers at interesting startups, with decision makers at VCs and accelerator programmes, and with industry analysts of course.

The format is casually structured 30 minute conversations.

The first session with a VC and Accelerator is in the box - and we couldn't be more excited. You'll likely see it air in the next 10 days.

The next recordings are also scheduled already.

If you would like to recommend a conversation partner, then please do let me or Robin know!

Now - knock on wood that our "production process" (...cough cough...) works as we hope it should. And stay tuned for our first recorded session of the SSIA Interview Series.

Good things ahead!


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