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Escape the echo chamber - Nick Ezzo about Category Creation

Startup revolutionises finance and accounting with artificial intelligence. Their VP of Marketing, Nick Ezzo joins us on the SSIA Interview series and shares how their work with Industry Analysts helped them get ahead of the pack from the early stages!

Auditoria is only 3 years young, yet managed to get mentioned in Gartner's "Cool Vendor" in Finance report in 2022 - alongside only 2 other firms worldwide!

As VP of Marketing Nick Ezzos passion is demand generation. But for an early-stage startup, he emphasises the importance of getting more critical insights into the team as soon as possible:

Break out of the echo chamber and avoid risks of confirmation bias.

While some startups tragically wait until series B - or later - before they even begin to explore the IA playing field, Auditoria already made it on the radars of their target industry's most influential voices. The company achieved early mentions with powerhouses like Constellation Research or HfS and recently even scored a Gartner Cool Vendor in Finance.


Auditoria's outstanding success can certainly not be expected to be the standard path for every startup - but it sure does show what is in fact possible:

Every year Gartner alone runs almost 100 cool vendor reports, each profiling 3-5 outstanding young companies in their field. Where else can you combine gaining critical insights with the opportunity to stand on the shoulders of an industry giant.

Almost as a side note, Nick mentioned that Auditoria had great partners in, Workday Ventures and Venrock supporting their ambitious journey.

Also, you should note how Nick recently turned things up a notch with a dedicated resource managing Auditorias analyst engagement to bring the value right into the wheelhouse.

Listen to a fast-paced interview and fascinating insights into how a b2b tech startup can go steep right from the early stages - by using the full playing field in a consciously selective and pro-active way.

Enjoy the interview, like and subscribe, and share with others!


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