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B2B Influencers

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

Jonathan Martinez urges early startups to use influencer marketing more strategically. Here's how you extend the advice to B2B tech in unexpected ways!

Jonathan has helped to grow Uber, Postmates by Uber, Chime and more startups. He knows a bit about scaling. Read his article on TechCrunch

Influencers help you stand out. True in B2C as in B2B.

My domain is B2B tech.

It is complex, expensive, critical and moving faster than ever.

This ads a twist to the influencer game:

Buyers need independent guidance that protects them from „overly confident“ vendor marketing/sales.

Research agrees that in 60-80% of B2B tech buying processes the strongest decision impact are publications and advice from Industry Analysts (IAs).

Paid for by buyers.

That's why briefing an analyst is free.

You're not the customer.

It is part of IAs' value proposition to truly understand your offering and be able to endorse it - if they are sure it fits.

If you get IAs interested, trusting, excited about your offerings, you have the most effective influencers on your side.


You cannot pay IAs. It would kill their USP.

You earn it. And that's worth starting early.


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