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Analyst Value Survey 2021

Imagine 25%, 50% or >75% of your customers mentioning one particular source of insight to inform their strategising and decision making on b2b technology to purchase.

I bet you wanted to make sure that this info source knows and understands your technology offerings as best possible.

So who is that source?

  • Not the WSJ.

  • Not a Big 5 Consultancy.

  • Not the lovely internet, Google or Linkedin.

The source is Industry Analysts. Your customers prioritise them because the business model ensures impartiality.

The data is from this years Analyst Value Survey, conducted by the researchers around Professor Neil Pollock at the Analyst Observatory at the University of Edinburgh Business School.

Most respondents even mention 3 or 4 industry analyst firms who's different research angles, insights, advisory strengths and customer proximity are complementing each other. Makes sense.

The top 5 analyst houses rated to provide the best value are:

  1. Gartner

  2. HfS

  3. Forrester

  4. IDC

  5. Everest Group

If this is uncharted area for you as a tech vendor - congrats - you've just discovered one of the best ways to accelerate your development and to amplify the value of your best projects and products.

I can provide you with a lot more information on the matter.

And help you make sense of it for your business and your priorities.


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