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Analyst Relations among Linkedin's jobs on the rise, 2022

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

Did you see that # 10 in Linkedin's "job roles on the rise" is Industry Analyst Relations Manager? - I know why that is and specifically from the perspectives of b2b technology startups and scaleups.

Because I'm conducting the "State of Startups with Industry Analysts" (SSIA) Survey 2022 together with the University of Edinburgh Business School and Robin Schaffer - and we're measuring all sorts of data.

One early trend in the SSIA survey from the first 300+ responses is that >50% of respondents from Europe and >70% from North America are planning to intensify their Industry Analyst Relations activities in 2022.

And ca. 40% of industry analysts plan to INTENSIFY their work with startups, too.

So it is no wonder that IAR specialists are sought after.

Want to know more about the SSIA survey and get all the detailed insights first?

  • hurdles

  • expectations

  • experiences

  • tools

  • success patterns

  • organisation

  • investment

  • etc.

If you have not participated yet, spend 10min now - and contribute to what might become the most impactful bit of startup research in 2022.

Here's your link:

Whether you ARE experienced with analyst relations OR NOT. Your views are equally important!

You'll get the full report + admission to a webinar that explains the results.

Any questions, just ask.

PS: If you're a VC or Accelerator, please DM, because you can get "your" custom slice of the report to understand how your portfolio is comparing to peers, too.


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