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Adam Coughlin of YORK-IE

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

„Ripe for disruption“ Adam Coughlin of VC/Accelerator firm York IE talks Startups & Industry Analysts in our first SSIA Interview 2023!

So, we've done it! Robin and I just published the first episode of the SSIA Interview series 🚀 Our video setup is far from perfect but we're experimenting... It's "fail forward" I guess...

And we've got a great first guest:

Adam Coughlin is the Co-founder and CMO of and he has seen the playing field of startups/scaleups working with industry analysts from every angle over the last 10+ years.

He shares why and how an early-stage VC and Accelerator firm like York IE supports their portfolio in using analyst relations early, strategically, and systematically.

But it's not all sunshine and daisies...

Adam also describes misconceptions and shortcomings. And he makes suggestions how the gap can be closed, and what fresh perspectives to consider. For startups, for scaleups, and for analyst firms, too.

Listen to a fun conversation that’s rich with insights from an experienced practitioner at an outstanding VC / accelerator firm.

Featuring: Market-in perspectives, a tail wagging the dog, vitamins, gym memberships, and a wish to analysts like a wish for world peace…

Oh - and Adam suggests a next guest, too - if you're curious :-)

Enjoy, like and subscribe for notifications of next episodes - and do let us know what you think!


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