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SSIA Research Insights for Analysts

How can we close the gap between #Startups and #Analysts in #b2btech? If you're an Industry Analyst by trade, then come join us and register for our analyst-tailored webinar:

The SSIA research has given us new data, which we've now analysed specifically to support the analyst perspective. Plus, we examined the gap question via an additional deep-dive dialogue with more than 100 analysts over the past few weeks. These gave us an incredibly rich variety of views into the matter to amend and inform the interpretation of the SSIA data.

What we can say already: While startups need to be educated on IAR and guided in their approaches, there is also work to be done on the analyst side to close the gap.

Some analyst houses are already on it. Are you?

Hope to see you on Thursday 21st!

PS: If you're NOT an analyst, but interested in the startup- / VC- / accelerator side of the SSIA research, you can find 30 minutes on my calendar and I can help you get a first orientation on the topic.


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