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Scaling during economic slow-down

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

How can a b2b tech #Startup scale during economic slowdown? When customers and investors get even more selective about investments?

  • Run more marketing? - That's getting expensive and overcrowded.

  • More cold calling? - Well, how do customers handle 10x call volumes? Exactly...

  • When in doubt work on your product? - Always good, agreed. Just how much does that help your bottom line?

Don't panic. You've got your towel.

(Yeah I know this reveals my - well - seniority)

There IS in fact a proven way. A way that helps immunise startups against draught years more effectively. Let me ask you this: Are you on the radars of the most influential Industry Analysts in your field?

Because: IA's are the ones being asked about the innovators.

  • asked by those who must solve a problem despite the economy

  • asked by those who use a crisis to gain advantages

  • asked by those who tick all your BANT criteria

It's never too early to build Industry Analyst relationships.

  • Do you know your top IA's?

  • Do they know you? Personally?

  • Are you regularly briefing them?

  • Are you regularly inquiring about market needs?

It helps you to earn your spot on their radars. Which means earning new unexpected high quality opportunities, leads, shortlist placements.

Customers love analyst recommendations. And investors do value Analyst Relations savviness. It's not a quick fix. But it's one that's proven to work.

PS: Analyst briefings are always free - if not: run away.

PPS: No 2nd chance for a 1st impression - use a specialist.


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