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Minimal viable AR - Tom Pace an early-stage Startup Example

„Effective briefings are your minimal viable analyst relations!“ Our 3rd SSIA interview with NetRise Inc. founder Thomas Pace shows how IAR on a shoestring can work for early startups.

Watch on YouTube:

Netrise are only 3 years in business - but already mentioned in top-tier analyst reports. The startup is providing visibility and risk-identification to XIoT (extended internet-of-things) devices such as ICS, medical devices, embedded systems in vehicles, telecommunications equipment, etc.

Tom is an exceptional interview partner because:

  1. He builds on analyst relations experience from earlier roles and his established relationships; and

  2. Tom enjoys a strong analyst relations background in Netrise’s circle of advisors.

With all that background, Tom touches on a number of typical topics for startups. Listen in! Robin and I then give our further guidance in our round-up starting at 40:36:

  • Innovation in new / nascent areas

  • How can analysts help when I’m the innovator

  • Win the category differentiation fight

  • Minimal viable IAR through free briefings

  • Prioritising time for analysts vs customers

Tom’s view on the value of startups for the analyst community (31:06) also sparked a thought in Robin’s and my discussion afterwards: Analyst firms listen in at 46:52 for 2min.

Listen to an interview with clear views and with practical guidance from Robin and myself in the last quarter.

Thanks to Tom Pace and thanks Netrise!

Enjoy, like and subscribe, and share with others!


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