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About bumps & catapults

When I moved from a large b2b tech player to working with startups, this happened.

Back then I had 10 yrs experience in Industry Analyst Relations (IAR). I had lead a small business unit onto a Gartner MQ, advanced them to the leaders box, scored leader placements 4 years in a row, further improving every time until we positioned second to none. Marketing loved it as we also scored top placements with IDC, Forrester, Current Analysis (now Globaldata) and others.

Most importantly though, we advised our strategy, product and business development teams on analyst insights and consulted sales on how to leverage the analyst engagement to zero-in on market needs. Qualified pipeline grew 5x and all of the major deals named IAR one of the top impacts to the buying decisions.

All was great.

As a hobby I also supported tech startups - and noticed a gap:

Startups need Industry Analysts and vice versa: Innovative concepts need deeper market insights, broader reach and reputation. But European Startups have misbeliefs about Industry Analysts. And Analysts must prioritise IAR-savvy vendors simply because time and capacities are limited.

Bump in the road: Local cost-cutting killed my global role. Global CEO, global VPs, my team, myself - all stunned and helpless against German employment protection law. Some things you just cannot control.

I took it as an opportunity. Analysts and contacts in the technology startup ecosystem encouraged me to tailor my know-how to the startup context.

The response was amazing.

I had a first client within weeks:

  • We briefed 10 analysts from top houses;

  • All wanted follow-ups and two initiated coverage;

  • Product & business develeopment teams said it enabled them to make bolder decisions faster;

  • Gartner named my client in their investor report - just as the client prepared a pre-series A round.

The bump in my road turned into a catapult forward!

It still gives me a great sense of purpose in a world that needs more successful innovation.

I can see amazing results with amazing people. We create tangible value.

It feels very rewarding.

And if you ever experience a bump in your road maybe it’s your best opportunity ever!

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