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Top 5s of '23 & '24 to support You

Are you aware of all our 2023 results that you can take advantage of? Also, I couldn't be more excited about what we've got cooking for you in 2024! Here is our Top-5 recap and outlook:

2023 Recap <<

  1. Met so many brilliant people at Startup events in Berlin, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Hamburg, Malmö, etc. And I had lots of great virtual ask-me-anything conversations giving me more insights into startups' struggles while allowing me to provide immediate, tangible help at no cost at all.

  2. One early client made it into Gartner's IIoT reference architecture in 2023. Another client has grown to 60+ people with 6x revenue growth at >60% win rate in a very tight market. And with yet another client we've broken our own record by getting 20+ Gartner/IDC/Forrester analyst attendees with an average influence score of 41+ on introductory briefings. Explore the possibilities.

  3. Published Startup-dedicated chapters in the 2nd edition of the "Analysts on Analyst Relations" book with Robin Schaffer. It's a dense compilation of insights and direct quotes from our conversations with analysts who work intensely with startups, scaleups and investors.

  4. Published the first 10 videos on the SSIA YouTube channel. It is a bit experimental - agreed - but done is better than perfect here. Check out our early interviews with amazing guests like Adam Coughlin ( accelerator), Nick Ezzo ( startup) or Shawn Rogers ( analyst firm) and look forward to some nice evolution in 2024!

  5. More clients have started or revived their analyst engagement with us. We reached an average of >4 analysts from each of the "big-3" analyst houses and from top-tier specialist firms attending per introductory briefing. Best: We score a 100% success rate for active analyst follow-up requests. Explore startup AR for yourself.

Big Thanks to our amazing clients and partners. We're honoured by your continued trust and we love love love your brilliant innovation. Let's make 2024 phenomenal.

2024 Outlook >>

  1. We're starting a Webinar Series for more monthly introductions to Analyst Relations Management for Startups in a two-step approach: Webinar 1 = Short overview + Webinar 2 = In-depth session, explaining things like avoiding pay-to-play traps or why a briefing won't get you onto the next Gartner MQ, why that's entirely OK, and where the FAR greater and quicker-to-seize value lies for startups. Sign-up here for the January webinar.

  2. Early-stage startups can now use our new Minimal Viable AR Program to do just the right bits of startup analyst relations early, systematically and carefully aligned to their maturity and capacity. A great way of getting on the right radars as soon as possible, getting the best informed feedback early to move faster than your rivals, and laying the foundations to gain qualified visibility to stand out from the masses. Investors love it. Inquire here.

  3. The 2024 edition of the State of Startups with Industry Analysts (SSIA) research is due! We're amending the 2022 SSIA insights with topics around the specific use cases and analyst firms/offerings that startups leverage. Sign-up here to contribute and get the results early.

  4. In parallel to the research, we're planning to evolve the SSIA Youtube Channel and discuss more hot topics and controversies, explore and debunk myths, explain AR use cases in startups and give advice how to avoid common mistakes, etc. Of course we'll continue to invite insightful guests from startups and scaleups to analysts and investors. Who do you recommend talking with?

  5. We're starting exciting partnerships like with the OVHcloud Startup & Accelerator Programme. Here you can get hosting credits of up to 100.000 EUR and access to OVHcloud's phenomenal ecosystem of partners, investors, and more growth enablers, covering many areas of expertise. Contact me to learn more.

Stay tuned and good things will be coming your way.

It's been phenomenal to work with people like the wonderful Robin Schaffer, the great teams at ARinsights and SpotlightAR, of course Duncan Chapple and Prof. Neil Pollock from the University of Edinburgh Business School, Philip Marais from the OVHcloud Startup Program, and last not least the amazing analysts at firms like BARC, Everest, Forrester, Gartner, GigaOm, IDC, IoT Analytics, KuppingerCole, Nucleus Research, Omdia, and so many more.

Thank you all! Let's make 2024 phenomenal for b2b tech startups and industry analysts.


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