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PRAB the Analyst Relations version of SPAM

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

Occasionally I hear about Pre-Recorded Analyst Briefings. Let's call them PRAB. Really folks, does anybody think that could be a good idea?

Do marketers think they gain control of the message?

Do people dream of automation and multiplied reach?

Let me say it straight:

With canned briefings - excuse me, PRAB - you're aiming to shoot yourself in the foot. It is the analyst relations version of SPAM.

Because the value of working with industry analysts lies in their experience, context awareness, etc. You want to hear their questions, see them nod or take notes, or even shake their head in disbelief (let's hope that's not the case).

With canned briefings vendors give away the opportunity to interact, allow the analyst to ask the questions that matter, in a safe environment.

What a loss that is.

Sure, with canned briefings vendors can control, automate and distribute all info to hundreds of analyst houses at once... The megaphone approach!

Or wait -

YES, DO go for pre-recorded briefings!

Get rid the inconvenience of challenging questions...

PRAB is yummy! All for it! Thumbs up!

(sshhh - nice opportunity for everybody else.)


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