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Out-jazz your goals

I shifted focus from goal setting to a different approach in my productivity setup - and so far I feel it’s supercharging my work. Here’s how.

Goals are super useful but do have side-effects, too. It seems that constant focus on goals can put us in a negative mindset during the entire chase: „Not there - still“.

A subconscious insufficiency.

A procrastination driver for some.

Micro Milestones and the Pomodoro Timer and David Allen's eye opening GTD have proven to be effective helpers - but none can change that „not there still“ vibe.

So here's my experiment:

While I still use goals for overall orientation, I shift my attention away from chasing them in my daily work and towards playing my system:

  1. A limited time window instead of "as-much-as-possible“;

  2. Master my choice of pro tools for output excellence;

  3. Find my own methods for process efficiency;

  4. Automated workflows make me smile;

  5. Minimalistic design makes me happy.

Work feels more and more like playing jazz at my desk. For me, this knowledge worker geekery creates flow.

It lets me immerse myself into my work.

It seems much in line with what Simon Sinek described in "The Infinite Game" but at a personal productivity level.

Don’t just work for the goal. Be in it for the game itself.

You may out-jazz your goals!

How do you create flow?


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