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Learn and feed back - Jon Collins of GigaOm

"Our job is to learn things and feed back!" - Jon Collins, Senior Analyst and VP of Research with GigaOm, shares how an engineering-led analyst firm looks at working with startups and debunks some all-time myths.

Jon, Robin and I discuss topics like

  • the different approaches of serialentrepreneurvs first-time founders,

  • the issue of sharing sensitive information,

  • the difference between influencers and analysts,

  • the pay2play no-no,

  • the startup echochamber

  • ... and much more.

GigaOm was one of more than 100 industry analyst firms that contributed to the 2022 State of Startups with Industry Analysts SSIA Research with the University of Edinburgh Business School.

GigaOm positions as taking clients from understanding the problem to understanding the solution and how to implement it with a set of research, publications, toolkits and services to assist that journey. GigaOm regularly mentions and discusses startups in their research.

Watch this interview, as well as Robin and my short discussion afterwards, to get an authentic view into the mindset of an outstanding personality in the industry analyst community.

Thanks, Jon Collins, for being a wonderful guest on our show.

Enjoy, comment, like and subscribe!

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