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Growth hacking-like benefits

Top Venture Capital firm Sierra Ventures writes:

An often overlooked method that presents “growth hacking”-like benefits is Analyst Relations. It is never too early to start.

Here are three basics to know + three effects to use:

  1. IAR = knowledge exchange among b2b tech nerds. There's nothing to „hack“ with industry analysts. Nothing to program, install, automate. It's a people thing. Don't try to hack people.

  2. Growth may be your objective but sales is NOT the mindset for analyst engagement. The purpose is sharing & gaining insights. The business will follow.

  3. Building reputation is not a sprint. Analysts primarily protect their clients from BS. To earn their endorsement, deliver relevant, solid information and follow-up consistently.

Practicing IAR in this mindset improves your competitive position and drives growth:

  1. You gain deep, impartial insights based on hundreds of current projects that "your" analysts get insight into, far beyond what you could ever get yourself: These insights, carefully applied to your situation and context enable you to make bolder decisions more confidently and faster.

  2. You cut through marketing noise: Analysts point their clients to best fitting vendors every day. Makes you the insider tip against the incumbent (and all the rest) and their reputation takes away much of the risk perception that buyers may have against a startup.

  3. You score where it matters: Analysts speak directly to the inner circle of buyers' top experts and decision makers. This is the shortest way onto a shortlist.

I can get you a lot more information about this.

And I can help you make sense of it for your business in your context.


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