The value of your best investments - amplified. - venture partner for lean and effective analyst relations.


Startups must make bold decisions and move faster than the competition. Imagine they could use to the combined insights from thousands of in-depth end-customer conversations. Industry Analysts provide just that. Established vendors use it all the time. Get to PMF based on broader data, deeper first hand insights, more reliably and faster.  

Also, 70% of CIOs say the most important factor for shortlisting vendors are the qualified assessments from respected Industry Analysts. Otherwise startups are often used as inspiration and benchmarks in RFIs. A single Analyst has ca. 1200 buyer interactions on average per year. No b2b tech vendor - especially no Scaleup - can leave these to their competition.


At the same time Analysts say they’d love more interactions with true innovators but must prioritise their time to IAR-savvy players.



As a VC investor you understand that Industry Analyst Relations is not a DIY playground. Every interaction and non-interaction informs Analysts’ assessments. Plus Analysts have sensitive PR/sales-speak detectors. They must, because their own market value depends on delivering rock solid reliable insight.


What it takes is a professional IAR partner. A guide with expertise and experience in navigating the Analyst and Sourcing Advisor ecosystem, working its specific processes, respecting the policies - and experienced in leveraging the full potential of this influential channel:


Beyond the benefits of hard-to-copy reputation through qualified mentions in analyst publications, IAR can also bring invaluable competitor and customer insight directly into your Scaleups' product- and business development, sales and marketing teams. Getting clarity on critical topics avoids fatal misconceptions and speeds up difficult decision making processes. An IAR professional understands this potential, how to bring it into an organisation and how to leverage the conversation to advance the Analyst relationship and develop a stronger standing for the company.


Since experienced IAR pros are hard to get and the IAR intensity will vary throughout the year, Scaleups should take advantage of external professionals guidance at least during the first years.


WHAT supports your investments with the expertise and experience from one of Europes most successful MNC-grade IAR programs in b2b tech/services in the last decade. Now tailored to the Startup & Scaleup context. Available as a lean and effective venture partner offering.